October 27- 29, 2020 - NOW VIRTUAL

Preparing executives to lead in turbulent times while leveraging opportunities for personal development

About the Institute

The 2020 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat is the only event in the health and human services industry that fully prepares executives to lead their organizations in turbulent times while leveraging ample opportunities for personal development. This unique experience is designed to draw lessons from the greatest leaders in American history to prepare executives to sustainability and success in a changing market.


Why The OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat? Because Leadership Matters More Now Than Ever

The health and human service field is facing unprecedented challenges. Funding cuts, reimbursement cuts, new value-based business models, new consumer expectations, and much more!

What will differentiate the winners from the losers? Leadership

  • The ability to create a vision and a plan for sustainability in the future.
  • Transformational leadership skills to innovate and make change happen.
  • A strategic framework for managing – and capitalizing – on complexity.
  • The skills to manage the short-term while preparing for the long-term.
  • The dexterity to pivot with the market.

These are the skills the executive teams need to lead their organizations to success in a time of turbulence.

Participate In More Than 20 Sessions Led By Top Industry Thought Leaders

Mark Mishek

President & Chief Executive Officer

John Lovelace

President, UPMC For You

Susan Eisenhower

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Monica E. Oss

Chief Executive Officer

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Why The OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat?

A learning laboratory for health and human service leadership

The Executive Leadership Retreat is the only event focused solely on building the leadership skills of health and human service management teams.

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